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(c) 2006. Authorize.Net is a registered trademark of Lightbridge, Inc.
(c) 2006. Authorize.Net is a registered trademark of Lightbridge, Inc.

Let us worry about the pesky details so that you can focus on the big ideas. Our professional proofreading and copyediting services ensure that your presentation is flawless and your confidence boundless. The way we see it, we are guardians of the all-important first impression. We keep those mortifying mistakes from seeing the light of day.

Whether it's a marketing brochure or a textbook, a press release or a legal brief—you name it, we've edited it. See the chart below for the full breadth of our experience. No matter what your field, we have an editor with extensive expertise in that area—and we'll personally match your work with the best editor for the job.

Our Standard turnaround is 7 days from the date we receive your order. If you're up against a deadline, however, never fear. We offer two levels of expedited service—Rush (3 days) and Priority Rush (24 hours)—for those who need help fast. (Note that the 24-hour service is available only for documents of 3,000 words or fewer, and the 3-day service for documents of 10,000 words or fewer. Also, if your document is very long—more than 60,000 words—we'll need to arrange a realistic customized deadline with you.)

If you have a specific deadline that doesn't quite fit either rush service, we'll try our best to accommodate you. We're nice people, after all. We can't promise to proofread a 500-page novel overnight, but we'll meet any reasonable deadline. Contact us today to discuss your specific needs.

We Proof and Copyedit:

  • academic papers
  • administrative documents
  • advertisements
  • advertorials
  • application essays
  • articles
  • biographies
  • brochures
  • business correspondence
  • CD/CD-ROM packaging
  • classroom materials
  • contracts
  • cookbooks (including foreign dishes and ingredients)
  • cover letters
  • dissertations
  • DVD/VHS packaging
  • e-mail messages
  • essays
  • eulogies
  • fiction
  • fliers
  • forms
  • how-to books
  • interactive scripts
  • internal reports
  • legal briefs
  • legal pleadings
  • letters
  • manuals
  • marketing materials
  • medical literature
  • media kits
  • memos
  • memoirs
  • newsletters
  • nonfiction
  • novellas
  • novels
  • party and wedding invitations
  • personal correspondence
  • personal statements
  • poetry
  • PowerPoint presentations
  • press releases
  • print ads
  • promotional materials
  • recipes (including foreign dishes and ingredients)
  • reference materials
  • religious texts
  • reports
  • research papers
  • restaurant menus (including foreign dishes)
  • résumés
  • scientific documents and reports
  • screenplays
  • self-help books
  • short stories
  • speeches
  • stage plays
  • technical reports
  • television scripts
  • templates
  • textbooks
  • theses
  • Web content
  • white papers


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